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Acer Cloud Professor equips students with programming skills to design and build Internet of things (IoT) devices. Chromebooks, Tablets, PCs and smartphones can all connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, USB or HDMI to the Acer CloudProfessor handheld device. The device supports teaching JavaScript, Blockly, LiveCode and Scratch programming languages. Students can learn how to use the kit in combination with the Acer CloudProfessor app to program their connected devices — engaging in computational thinking and computer science skills in the process.

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Coding Anytime, Anywhere

Using the CloudProfessor App, students can write down their code ideas by programming directly into their phone, tablet or Chromebook.

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Scenarios to Get You Started

Students just have to unleash their imagination and start creating with CloudProfessor as their IoT sandbox.

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Acer Cloud Support

With Acer BYOC’s cloud, students can personally see the simplicity and convenience that comes with cloud connectivity.

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A world of extensions

Combined with the Arduino breadboard, Acer CloudProfessor comes out-of-the-box with 8 application packages for students to try out.