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Chrome for Work

Learn How Chrome Can Help Your Business

Products designed for Business

  • Acer Chrome for work Devices are designed for Business-class Productivity, Connectivity & Collaboration. Robust mechanical design makes these devices ideal for commercial environments.

Easy to Deploy & Use

  • Fast out of the box, faster with time: Automatic updates improve system speed and reliability, unlike other systems; it keeps getting better and faster over time.
  • Simple deployment: In minutes you set up a new device and have it ready for your workforce.

Superior Productivity

  • Boots in seconds: The quick verified boot protects personal and business data and takes as little as 6 seconds.
  • Chrome Sync: When you log in everything syncs automatically. Apps, settings, and files are all where you left them.

Best of Security & Manageability

  • Sensitive business data is protected with multi-layered security: continuous updates, virus protection, sandboxing, encryption, verified boot & safe browsing.
  • Remote management makes deployment and updates easier for IT with minimal endpoint security required.