Gaming Mouse

Model Name: Predator Gaming Mouse
Part Number: NP.MCE11.005

Illuminated pulses. Your fingers glide effortlessly. Scroll, swivel, slide. Not a single miss. The match is yours. They never stood a chance.

Predator Gaming Mouse

Starting from:

$ 79.99

Responsive, Precise Control

The mouse and you move as one. Maneuvers are fluid, tactile and tracked in true 1:1 precision.

Gaming Mouse - Responsive, Precise Control - ksp 01 desk

Never Skip a Beat

Every swipe matters, every aim precise. Grow your skill with Predator’s 6500 CPI, 200 IPS and 1ms response time.

Gaming Mouse - Never Skip a Beat - ksp 02 desk

Tournament-Grade Switches

Have faith in the craft. Durable Steelseries™ switches are meant to last and have a 30-million click life time.

Gaming Mouse - Tournament-Grade Switches - ksp 03 desk

Sleek Contoured Design

No pain, all gain. Rest your hand upon its back and game away in exquisite ergonomic bliss.

Gaming Mouse - Sleek Contoured Design - ksp 04 desk

Grip Without Slip

Hold on tight and don’t let go. Textured side grips and ergo-buttons keep your hand in a natural position.

Gaming Mouse - Grip Without Slip - ksp 05 desk

Limitless Customization

You are in control. 16.8 million color combinations await. The configuration, the fate of the buttons lies with you.

Gaming Mouse - Limitless Customization - ksp 06 desk

Glide Through the Clouds

The beast stirs with Steelseries™ Engine (SSE) 3. Power up all your customized profiles and clone infinitely to your Predator Gaming Mouse.

Gaming Mouse - Glide Through the Clouds - ksp 07 desk