Predator Galea 500


Predator Galea 500 Gaming Headset

Predator Galea 500

Model Name: Predator Galea 500 Gaming Headset
Part Number: NP.HDS1A.003

In the game world – what you hear (and what you don’t) can be life or death. By utilizing our latest TrueHarmony™ 3D Soundscape technology, you hear everything with pinpoint precision.

Predator Galea 500 Gaming Headset

Starting from:

$ 199.99

It Does It All

Lean back and enjoy your favorite movie, hop into a death-defying match or strategize with teammates over team chat. Comfort, precision, quality.

Predator Galea 500 - ksp 01 desk

Cinema-Like Clarity

A bio-cellulose membrane driver and rubber surround give the Galea 500 crystal clear clarity that few others can match.

Predator Galea 500 - ksp 02 desk

Hear the Reality

TrueHarmony™ 3D Soundscape Technology mimics real life. Look left and that sound you heard in front of you will now be heard in your right ear.

Predator Galea 500 - ksp 03 desk

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