Gaming Headset

Model Name: Predator Gaming Headset
Part Number: NP.HDS1A.001

To be competitive on the international stage, you need to hear EVERYTHING, from the footsteps of your prey to the call of a bird in the distance. So strap on your Predator Headset and let our tournament-grade soundscape take you to the next level of hearing. Let the hunt begin!

Predator Gaming Headset

Starting from:

$ 99.99

Comfort Beyond Words

No tweaks necessary. Perfection has come in the form a self-adjusting cushioned headband and fully-enclosed memory foam earcups.

Gaming Headset - Comfort Beyond Words - ksp 01 desk

Hear What Matters

Become one with the experience. Reduce external noise in favor of richly reproduced acoustic sound.

Gaming Headset - Hear What Matters - ksp 02 desk

Be Heard

Communication is key to success. When called into action, a retractable mic caters to you. Good luck, commander.

Gaming Headset - Be Heard - ksp 03 desk

Tournament-Grade Soundscape

Miss nothing, not the subtle hush of an unsheathed blade or the terrible roar of your prey. Hear everything.

Gaming Headset - Tournament-Grade Soundscape - ksp 04 desk

Stop and Stow

After a long day of hunting, rest your laurels thanks to the Predator Gaming Headset’s refined hangar design.

Gaming Headset - Stop and Stow - ksp 05 desk

Anytime, Anywhere, Plug In

Choose your destination. Compatible with PC, consoles, tablets and smartphones, link as you see fit.

Gaming Headset - Anytime, Anywhere, Plug In - ksp 06 desk