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Acer’s Make Your Mark series

Celebrating women in STEM who are inspiring a generation

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Student, golfer

Nina Chuang

Nina has been breaking barriers from a young age, joining the boys' golf team when there wasn’t a girls' team. Today she’s headed to college to pursue a STEM degree, and she wants younger girls to know that they can do anything they set their minds to.


Elle Toussi

Elle has dedicated her life to helping refugee women protect their digital identities. Watch how she hopes to use blockchain technology to make a global impact.

Geology Professor

Edith Carolina Rojas

Edith moved to the US at age 18 and had to start from the beginning. From graduating college to becoming a geology professor, she has turned every obstacle into an opportunity.


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Girls Golf

Provides girls with LPGA and PGA mentors who help inspire them to become the best golfers they can be, while also providing experiences that grow their confidence and leadership skills.

In One Minute

Aims to empower female refugees through storytelling and the creation of digital identities.

National Girls Collaborative Project

Committed to supporting girls in STEM by offering resources and networking opportunities.

National Math and Science Initiative

Focused on empowering teachers and equipping students with programs that will prepare them for college and beyond.

Windows 10

Windows Hello: You are the password.