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7 Pro Parenting Tips for Making Homework Manageable

By: Mama's Losin' It

My three school-aged kids all have different needs when it comes to school work and it's important to me that they have a space that is conducive to successful learning. I enrolled my oldest daughter in an online school for her first year of middle school this year and since a majority of her work is now completed via a computer at home, I really wanted a spot for her to call her own. My goal was to create a beautiful space that was also free of clutter with limited distractions for her to thrive and have a wonderful year. The bonus is that it's actually become a wonderful homework station for all three kids. Here are six steps you can also take to ensure your kids have a space to meet all of those needs.

1. Dedicate A Space

Find a spot in the house that can be dedicated completely to learning activities. I started with a very simple desk against a very simple wall and created our work station around it.

2. Light It Up

I chose a spot in our house that is flooded with natural light from a big window because I think a little sunshine boosts my kids’ moods. I know it boosts mine! You can also add a floor lamp, a string of lights, or a desk light to help make the setting cheerful and bright.

3. Personalize The Space

I wanted to include my kids in the creation of their space because they are the people who will be using it most. My kids contributed a string of colorful tassels, a personalized calendar and some favorite photos.

4. Display Your Child's Work

Hanging the kids’ projects is my way of really appreciating the time they took to create them. I want them to know I'm proud of their hard work and I think it helps them take pride in what they do as well. We hung a ton of colorful art projects on wire with clothespins to display them across the wall.

5. Keep Extra Supplies On Hand

I don't like to give my kids any reason to get off track, so keeping plenty of tools and supplies close by is a must. I added a shelf to our space to hold a stockpile of office supplies, paper, notebooks and textbooks. Another perk of adding a shelf to your work space is that everything can have a place to live. This helps the area stay clutter free and it's so much easier to concentrate when things are put away.

6. Add The Perfect Computer

Essential to our workspace (both mine and the kids’) is a great computer. I prefer to use laptops because they take up less space and can easily be moved from one place to another if needed. I wanted to arrange the desk in a way that blocked a lot of glare on the screen from our window to avoid unnecessary strain on the eyes while the kids work. The smaller keyboard seen on the pictured Acer Aspire Switch is perfect for their smaller hands and they love that it can transform into four different devices to suit their needs. They can simply snap the screen into place on the keyboard for work, reposition the screen for video use, or remove the screen completely to use the laptop as a tablet.

Providing a work station for my kids is my way of showing them that I think the work they do is important and I want them to feel valued when they sit down to do it. My hope is that setting them up with a space like this will encourage productivity for a smooth school year and creative minds!

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Kat Bouska, Mama's Losin' It

Kat Bouska is a work at home wife and mother of three and creator of the popular YouTube channel MamaKatTV where you can find her sharing recipes, kid friendly activities, and funny skits. She was featured as one of Cision's top 50 U.S. mom bloggers for her work on her blog Mama's Losin' It, where Kat shares a humorous take on everything from parenting to pop culture. Kat has worked contributes videos and articles to The Stir and SheKnows. She operates a home daycare and in her free time she watches too much reality tv and chases children down hallways.