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How Computers Changed My Family

By: Mama's Losin' It

I had an epiphany at the beginning of this school year when my fifth grader came home with a list of assignments that required Internet access. My middle schooler was already knee deep into her own homework on the "kids’ computer", my son was waiting for computer time he earned after completing his chores, and I was using my own computer to browse recipes for dinner.

After considering all of our needs, it occurred to me that while computer access was an expensive luxury when I was in school, it has become a necessity for my kids’ generation and I lean on it greatly both professionally and on a personal level as well. It didn't take long before I realized we needed more computers...thank goodness they're so affordable these days...

Today, we have computers to suit the needs of everyone in our family, and I am finding the balance of managing it all has gotten a little bit easier. Here are 10 examples of how computers changed my family for the better:

1. Homework is done in a timely manner

With multiple computers for the kids to work from, they no longer need to wait for a computer to become available (a system that caused many late night homework sessions) and can finish their homework before dinner.

2. I can work from home

Working from home allows me to have a little flexibility in my day so that I can be available to my kids while also scheduling my own work hours.

3. I don't have to know everything

I mentioned before that I like to find new recipes on my computer (thank you, Pinterest) and often keep my computer in the kitchen with me so that I can easily follow along. We have tried so many delicious new things thanks to this method! Without my computer we most certainly would be seeing a lot more of my mom's tuna casserole recipe that my husband despises so much.

5. My kids expand their creativity

My kids have been inspired to write books, create presentations, and edit home videos thanks to the ease of access our computers offer. I'm always impressed at the projects they create on their own.

6. I've expanded MY creativity

The kids aren't the only ones who love to tinker with computer programs. I spend a lot of time editing photos of them and updating my personal blog with memories we create together.

7. Our photos are stored safely!

Thanks to this digital age, I now take hundreds of photos of favorite family moments. I love that I can back them up on my computer (and external hard drive). They are always a click away and I can select my favorites for display in our home instead of cluttering the house with albums.

8. Family activities are organized

This might be overkill, but I've already added my summer bucket list to the calendar I keep on my computer. It helps keep me in sync with summer camps, sports, birthdays, and vacation time we have coming up and helps me feel a little more organized.

9. My kids are entertained

Yes, my kids play parent-approved video games on our computers and I'll be honest, I think we all look forward to that peaceful break when they are entertained for a bit while I knock out a few items on my to-do list.

10. The house is cleaner

Of course that video game time has to be earned and I can't be expected to complete the entire to-do list on my OWN. Before game time on our computers is approved, the house gets a little cleaner!

Managing three school-aged kids, my own job, and the household can get pretty messy, but our computers save me on a daily basis. I'm glad Acer gets it!

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About the author:
Kat Bouska, Mama's Losin' It

Kat Bouska is a work at home wife and mother of three and creator of the popular YouTube channel MamaKatTV where you can find her sharing recipes, kid friendly activities, and funny skits. She was featured as one of Cision's top 50 U.S. mom bloggers for her work on her blog Mama's Losin' It, where Kat shares a humorous take on everything from parenting to pop culture. Kat has worked contributes videos and articles to The Stir and SheKnows. She operates a home daycare and in her free time she watches too much reality tv and chases children down hallways.