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Acer introduces ICONIA: the world's
most advanced touchbook.
Dual screens. Full touch interface.
A truly unique experience.
Touch the future with
Acer and Intel Inside®
Absolute Touch Experience
Discover new and immersive ways to view and interact
with your favorite videos, photos, websites and movies.
ICONIA delivers a visual experience like no other with all
your multimedia, entertainment, communication and even
web pages seamlessly flowing across dual screens.
Your personal touch
Watch a video on the top screen
and browse your multimedia library
on the bottom one. ICONIA gives
you many ways to make your
computing experience a truly
personal one.
Acer Ring
Ready for the next-generation touch
experience? Simply touch open the
Acer Ring and a world
of user friendly applications and
features awaits.
ICONIA puts your social life in one
place, allowing you to check posts
and updates in one glance and use
both displays to view even more
Gesture Editor
Gesture Editor lets you create
your own custom gestures to
instantly open applications or
your favorite websites.
Virtual Keyboard
Simply place both palms on the bottom
screen and the virtual keyboard with a
full-sized QWERTY layout instantly
Immerse yourself in performance with Intel Inside®
Imagine a computing experience so complete you can interact with all of your content with the touch of your hands.
Now imagine that content responding to your every gesture with the turbo-boosted, multi-tasking performance of Intel® Core™ i5 processor.
With Intel Inside® the only limit is your imagination.