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Our mission at Acer BYOC is to utilize our BeingWare and help any and all types of business deliver their unique services by providing them with intelligent, connected devices.


Build Your Own Cloud


Worldwide, 24/7 security.


Control, view, or analyze any and all of your devices from a central, back-end dashboard.


Hardware and Software designed for businesses of any size.


Hybrid cloud architecture support, allowing you to use the cloud however you like.

Acer Enterprise Communication

Acer Enterprise Communication is designed to bring the office into the new UC&C (Unified Communication and Collaboration) era. We understand the importance of productivity and the quality of work for enterprises, and through observations found that the best way to increase productivity is to empower employees to communicate easily and efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Acer UC

Unified Communication

Acer UC provides staff with an easy to use interface to effectively increase productivity. It provides not only the functions of a traditional office communication system, but also integrates modern communication methods and tools such as mobile extensions.

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View Your Business

This edge computing device lets you take control of your data and turn it into action. aiSage collects and manages a litany of different data while utilizing computer vision and AI algorithms to give you actionable insights into your business.

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Build Your Own World

Acer aiForge is the development tool needed to allow schools and businesses the much needed flexibility in training both simple and complex AI solutions.

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Wellness Hub

Where Technology Meets Healthcare

Wellness Hub seeks to enhance the telemed experience through providing smart, cloud-based remote care services. Through the use of Bluetooth devices, physiological data can be easily and passively collected and monitored remotely by designated caretakers, allowing them to then offer next level service and care.

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