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Our Benefits

At Acer America, we recognize the daily contributions and outstanding performance of our employees. That is why we provide them with a unique and competitive benefits package. Acer Benefits provide employees a wide range of coverage choices for medical, dental and life insurance. The 401(k) plan lets employees save on taxes and receive a 50% matching contribution from Acer. Please note that benefits may vary depending on location.

Medical Coverage

Acer America Corporation offers its employees a choice of two types of medical coverage; the Anthem Medical Plan and Kaiser HMO. The company pays most of the cost for the coverage, and the employees pay a portion of the cost. Under our benefits program employees can save thousands of dollars through the pre-tax spending accounts for health care and day care.

Dental Coverage

Employees have the choice of two dental plans. Eligibility for employees and their dependents is the same as for medical coverage.

Vision Coverage

Employees and their eligible dependents are covered by the Vision Plan. The plan covers one eye exam for each covered person every 12 months, a set of lenses every 12 months, and frames every 24 months.

Employee Assistance Plan

The Concern Employee Assistance Plan provides coverage to help employees and their eligible family members resolve personal problems, both at home and at work. Up to eight visits with a counselor are provided at no charge through Concern. There is additional counseling available through each of the medical plans.

Short Term Disability

The Short Term Disability Plan pays 60% of your base earnings, up to a maximum of $2500.00 per week. Benefits begin on the eighth day of your disability and continue for the first 13 weeks, after which Long Term Disability benefits begin.

Long Term Disability

The Long Term Disability Plan pays 60% of base earning up to a maximum of $15,000.00 per month. Benefits begin on the 91st day of disability. This benefit will continue until age 65 or the disability ends, whichever occurs first.

Life Insurance and Business Travel Accident Insurance

Acer provides Life Insurance and Business Travel Accident (BTA) Insurance for employees. Life Insurance provides a benefit of two times the base pay if an employee dies from any cause. In the case of an accident, while travelling for business, the benefits will be doubled through the BTA coverage. In addition, employees can purchase supplementary life insurance for their spouse, children and/or themselves.

Paid Time Off (PTO) and Holidays

The PTO accrual schedule starts with three weeks of PTO per year, then increases to four weeks in the fifth year of employment and to five weeks in the tenth year of employment. There are also 10 paid holidays during the year.

401K Plan

At Acer, employees have a 401(k) Plan that gives them the opportunity to save for retirement or other goals while reducing current taxes - and with the addition of company matching contributions. Employees can contribute 2% to 50% of their earnings and the company will match 50% up to 10% of your contributions after 1 year of employment. The 401(k) Plan offers a wide variety of investment funds to choose from.

Health Care Spending Account

Employee's can use the Health Care Spending Account to pay for many expenses not covered by the medical, dental, or vision plans, including plan deductibles and co-payments.

Day Care Spending Account

Employees can enroll in the Day Care Spending Account to pay for childcare expenses with before-tax earnings.