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Technology plays a powerful role in making our world a better place. Behind the progress, we found amazing people. Meet the Barrier Breakers.

Breaking barriers between people and technology

Too many people are living without reliable access to a computer, the internet, or technical literacy training, impacting the quality of their lives. As a global technology company, this problem hits close to home. That’s why we’re supporting and celebrating the Barrier Breakers: those on the front lines who are providing access and education to those who need it most.

Episode 1

Tech for Troops

When looking for work, some veterans face roadblocks like not having a computer or technical skills. That’s where Tech for Troops comes in. The organization gathers used laptops that normally end up in landfills, refurbishes them, and gives them to veterans in need. It also offers computer literacy education.

In today’s world, you have to have a computer to be able to apply for jobs.

—Mark Casper, Executive Director, Tech for Troops

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Episode 2

The Bean Path

During her successful career in tech, Dr. Nashlie Sephus experienced the industry’s lack of diversity firsthand. It inspired her to start The Bean Path, a nonprofit in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi, that’s laying promising groundwork for change. The organization provides locals with computer training and advice, offers tech office hours, runs engineering and coding programs for kids, and even has plans to build a technology hub.

It’s important to let this community know that they have access to this technology.

—Ivan Walker, Chief Technology Officer, The Bean Path

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Blind man using computer

Episode 3

Computers for the Blind

“I felt disconnected because of my eyesight. Technology-assisted art has helped me not only connect with people but also share the way I see the world.”

—John Bramblitt, Painter

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Making a meaningful difference for today and tomorrow

Our mission to break down barriers between people and technology drives us to help close the digital divide as well as to create positive impacts in other areas like the environment, supply chain management, and corporate governance.

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