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Microsoft 365

Make the Most Out of Your 365

Microsoft 365 makes your life more creative, organized, and secure. With Microsoft 365 pre-installed on your Acer laptop or desktop, you can enjoy many new creative features across all your devices, FREE for one month!

Bring your ideas to life

Your creativity now gets a boost with Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office 2021 - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - now includes smart assistance features that help make your writing more readable, your data clearer and your presentations more visually powerful.

Protect what’s important

With Microsoft 365, you have a secured place for your files, photos, and sensitive documents with OneDrive. Be assured your friends and family are safe through digital safety insights with the new Ames mobile app. Finally, we’ve got your back with technical support through chat or phone, wherever and whenever you need it.

Organize your time

Manage your schedule more efficiently with Microsoft 365. Coordinate multiple calendars and sort through emails quickly with Outlook. Collect all your ideas in your OneNote digital notebook. And with To-Do, you can crush that task list. You, organized. Anytime. With any device.

Accomplish more together

Microsoft 365 makes planning so much easier with the new Microsoft Teams mobile app.2It’s is an all-in-one hub that makes it easy to stay connected, plan and get stuff done, wherever you are. Teams is the place where all your conversations come together including group chat and an integrated dashboard view that keeps you on top of your calendars, tasks, and lists. Work together on the family budget or the plans for your friend’s surprise party. In Teams, you can collaborate in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in real time to keep things on track. With Teams, you no longer need to hunt through emails or text messages. It’s all saved in one convenient place!

Activate Pre-installed Free Trial

1. Start any Microsoft Office 2021 app.

2. Sign in to your Microsoft account, or create one if you don’t have one.

3. Start enjoying your free trial.

4. The Office app will remind you of the trial expiration date. You can renew your subscription by simply clicking “Buy”.