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Stay in the Game

The ED3 ensures you can enjoy all your favorite games with AMD FreeSync™1 compatibility.

Acer ED3 Series Features ksp 01 - Large
AMD FreeSync™1 Click for Greater Details

Silky Smooth Visuals

With a rapid refresh rate, the Acer ED3 delivers ultra-smooth viewing with faster frame rendering and lower input lag.

Acer ED3 Series Features ksp 01 - Large
144Hz1 Refresh Rate Click for Greater Details
Acer ED3 Series Features Lifestyle Image - Large

High-Speed Response

Keep pace with the action as the rapid response time reduces ghosting and smearing for clearer, more precise images.

Acer ED3 Series Features ksp 03 - Large
Click for Greater Details 4ms Response Time

Care for Your Vision

Acer VisionCare™ incorporates several technologies to reduce eye strain and provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

Acer ED3 Series Features ksp 03 - Large
Flickerless™ Click for Greater Details
BlueLightShield™ Click for Greater Details

1. Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region.



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