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Liquid Zest Plus

The Power to Explore

Liquid Zest Plus - overview - Large

Go in Style

A clean, contemporary design and a gorgeous 5.5” display will keep you company along the way.

Liquid Zest Plus ksp - Overview Design - Large

Enjoy the Journey

Long battery life, bolder audio and great cameras help make the journey even more interesting.

Liquid Zest Plus ksp - Overview Features - Large

1. As tested in controlled laboratory conditions. Actual battery life will vary depending on the individual user behavior and other factors.
2. Colors option availability varies by region.
3. Works best within the optimal detection range of 2 meters.
4. Actual usable storage capacity will vary by market and will depend on the volume of software pre-installed. Storage capacity will vary over time due to factors such as software updates and app usage.
Available memory will be less than total memory because of memory used by the operating system, applications and software updates.



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