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Smart Taxi Operating Platform for Taiwan Taxi

The Smart Taxi Operating Platform for Taiwan utilizes AI, based on big data, to offer hot spot analysis, demand prediction, and smart recommendations. This allows taxi drivers to know where potential customers are in real time.

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To reduce the time taxis spend circling without passengers, increase passenger pickup rates and optimize taxi service quality, we conducted research to understand the users, and analyzed the results for further insight. This allowed us to gain a greater understanding of what information taxi drivers need when working, as well as understanding how they evaluate and interpret such information. Our findings were then used to develop the software’s user interface.

Passenger Hot Spots

The app uses historical passenger and ride data to determine the areas with the most demand, then takes into account the time, circumstances and external events of the day to provide drivers with hot spot locations.

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Demand Prediction

The algorithm uses statistical analysis and machine learning to predict demand for each region and create time segments based on the current situation.

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Smart Recommendations

By combining hot spot analysis, demand prediction and the taxi's current location, the app provides the driver with recommendations for the best places to pick up passengers.

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Easily See Ride Demand & Discover Potential Customers.