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ENDURO N3 - overview - Large

Mobility & Durability Combined

For traditional businesses and ruggedized laptop users who frequently switch between indoor and outdoor workplaces, we offer a new choice – a slender and lightweight device built tough enough to support all your daily tasks no matter the environment you find yourself in.

ENDURO N3 - KSP 1 - Large

Functionally Designed

The layout of the ENDURO N3 is defined by simple geometric shapes, using rounded corners and a fully symmetric outline to create a sturdy, crush-proof image.

ENDURO N3 - KSP 2 - Large

Built Tough

Inspired by the standard triangle, the strongest architectural shape in the natural world, we created a crystallographic pattern on the top cover. This scratch-resistant etched pattern creates a diversified visual effect with different angles of light, while providing friction for a firm and comfortable grip when you’re on the go.

ENDURO N3 - KSP 3 - Large

Reinforced Interior

We adopt the same design concept that we used for the exterior for the interior structural design. Providing equal dispersion of force on all sides, the honeycomb columns underneath the operating and bottom surfaces enhance the rigidity of the chassis with even more press and twist resistance.

ENDURO N3 - KSP 4 - Large

Fully Protected

The L-shape bumpers at each of the corners are made of TPU, a high tension material, and are capable of absorbing drops from heights of up to 122cm. Meanwhile, the ENDURO N3 has passed testing for 11 different MIL-STD 810G certifications, including tests for resistances to vibrations, high and low temperatures, and humidity. Such durability makes the ENDURO N3 a reliable companion for operating under a multitude of extreme environmental conditions.

IP53 Certified

We’ve mixed the functionality of protective features such as fully covered I/O doors and optimized ventilation with a structurally improved chassis that replaces the ordinary military-exoskeleton design, giving the ENDURO N3 a unique blend of function- and shape-oriented style and design. .

ENDURO N3 - KSP 6 - Large
60-Degree Water Spray Testing Click for Greater Details
Waterproof Design Click for Greater Details
Click for Greater Details Optimized Ventilation & Aqua Fan Technology

Efficiency for Any Situation.

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