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Acer Smart Client Manager

Acer Smart Client Manager is an extensible solution that provides centralized management of any networked device. This solution provides both in-band and out-of-band manageability. An administrator can remotely track inventory, monitor resource utilization, and take necessary actions, without requiring additional software to be installed in the managed platforms.

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Acer ProShield

Acer ProShield is a solution to secure, protect and manage computers within your enterprise from one control interface. This suite integrates multiple security and management features in a single-client console, and works with optional hardware security features such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and Secure Encryption Drives (SEDs) to fortify business security and better protect data against unauthorized access and threats.

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Acer Office Manager

Acer Office Manager (AOM) is a tool for remotely managing and controlling your company's computers, from configuring their system settings, to receiving detailed reports, to deploying different usage limitations for each computer.

Acer Office Manager Solution Introduction

Acer Office Manager User Manual

Nero BackItUp

Nero BackItUp is an easy-to-use application for backing up and restoring files, programs, drives and operating systems. Preloaded in Acer TravelMate notebooks and Veriton PCs, Nero BackItUp handles incremental backups on a regular basis, scheduled backups, and can also create bootable disc drives and sync folders between your backups and designated folders.

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Acer Smart Setup

Acer Smart Setup has a simple interface to help guide you through the server configuration and deployment process, so you can set up your system in just a few clicks. This utility automatically detects hardware components to retrieve the proper drivers and configure the server intelligently for a Windows® or Linux® operating system.

Acer Smart Console

Manage your servers anywhere with Acer Smart Console, a built-in utility located on the onboard BMC of most Acer servers. An intuitive interface is accessible from the browser of any networked client, so you can use iKVM to remotely take control. Acer Smart Console enables convenient management regardless of OS status. Administrators can also set remote alerts using SNMP traps or email.

Acer Smart Integration Pack for Microsoft® System Center

Acer Smart Integration Pack for Microsoft® System Center seamlessly blends Acer server hardware monitoring with Microsoft System Center Operation Manager and System Center Essentials. Integrated management packs enable IT staff to monitor server availability. System Center Console provides performance and resource optimization, server discovery, RAID status monitoring, and agent-less monitoring features.

Acer Smart Server Manager

Acer Smart Server Manager (ASSM) offers all the functionality of Acer Smart Console, with additional features and the ability to manage physical and virtual devices. ASSM is the perfect window for IT administrators, providing email alerts; SNMP trap configuration and collection; management for server hardware, OS and virtual machines; and connectivity to server-specific interfaces. Additionally, it is the only agent-less management software, meaning no extra software installation is needed on monitored systems.

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Acer Classroom Manager

Acer Classroom Manager (ACM) helps teachers and trainers improve the efficiency of content sharing and communication by centrally instructing students on their computers. ACM enables teachers to better monitor students and help them to focus, and it maximizes the use of time by making it easier to access and share content. In addition, with the Student Journal application, lesson details can easily be captured and saved.


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Acer and Intel® education solution for the 21st century

The Acer and Intel® education solution comprises Acer notebooks and tablets that are designed to work with Intel® Education Software. This combination forms powerful learning tools that help teachers and students foster 21st century skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy. Together, Acer and Intel empower educators to change the learning experience and efficiently manage their classroom via IT that protects students, secures data, and manages infrastructures.

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Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

Microsoft SCCM enables administrators to simplify system management for computers and other devices. It can deploy drivers and applications, manage operating system deployment, control network access, and more.

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