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Acer OJO 500


OJO 500 AH501-D0E2

OJO 500 AH501-D0E2


Acer OJO 500

Model Name: OJO 500 AH501-D0E2

Part Number: VP.R0ASG.001

The OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset is the most innovative device in its class. Its patented sound-pipe technology focuses sound directly at the ears and the patented Interpupillary Distance technology ensures that the display is set at the optimal distance from your eyes. It’s also been designed to easily keep clean and transport.

1. There is a limited number of times that the strap can be washed.
2. Must meet minimum order quantity.
3. Requires a compatible PC.

Prices and Specifications are subject to change without notice.  

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