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abPBX plus

A revolution in business communications

Keeping up to speed with the ever-changing communication needs of an organization isn’t always easy with traditional hardware-based business communication systems. These systems tend to be complex, expensive, and lack scalability and flexibility. abPBX plus is a revolutionary alternative that takes the approach of a Software-defined Network (SDN) and offers a major advancement in manageability and security, while lowering your total cost of ownership. For your employees, it offers a more dynamic platform, allowing easier integration of all types of communications tools and helping increase productivity in the office or out in the field.


Increased productivity

abPBX plus offers your employees a business communications system that is easy to use, increasing productivity across the board. It does this by going beyond traditional office communications and integrating other channels and tools already in use, such as mobile devices, instant messaging, and social media.

Greater security

In an era where office and personal communication channels are blurring, security is increasingly becoming an issue. Instead of discouraging the use of certain communication tools, abPBX plus embraces them, balancing the needs of employees with the security requirements of an organization.

Superior manageability

Change is the only constant. With abPBX plus, IT administrators will enjoy a scalable and versatile architecture that can easily grow and adapt with your organization’s ever-changing needs.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

abPBX plus requires less hardware than similar systems and has a highly adaptable modular design. This combination will drastically reduce the cost of your initial investment and will save you future dollars with quick and easy upgrades.



Brings smart to the office phone

In an era where touchscreen devices, instant messaging and apps pervade everything we do, why hasn’t your office phone kept up with the times. Meet abTouchPhone, an office phone specifically designed for how you already work and communicate. Isn’t it time you bring smart to your office phone?

• Touchscreen makes phone operations intuitive
• Turn voice calls into video conferences
• Seamless communications with mobile extensions and instant messaging
• Real time news and announcement relays to employees
• Anti-fingerprint coating keeps the screen clean and clear