Predator 4-in-1

4-in-1 Accessory kit

Model Name: Predator 4-in-1

Part Number: NP.ACC11.01Z

Predator Gaming Utility Backpack

Built to take on the environments with plenty of dedicated compartments to stow the heavy, the light, the big and the small, this backpack was made for war.

Gaming Accessory Kit - Predator Gaming Utility Backpack - ksp 01 desk

Predator Gaming Headset

To be competitive, you need to hear EVERYTHING. Strap on your Predator Headset and let our tournament-grade soundscape take you to the next level of hearing.

Gaming Accessory Kit - Predator Gaming Headset - ksp 02 desk

Predator Gaming Mousepad

Crafted to meet the standards of professional gamers and sized for even the most hardcore player, the Predator Gaming Mousepad was built to surprise you in all the right ways.

Gaming Accessory Kit - Predator Gaming Mousepad - ksp 03 desk

Predator Gaming Mouse

Every swipe matters, every aim precise. Grow your skill with Predator’s 6500 CPI, 200 IPS and 1ms response time. Designed for near limitless customization.

Gaming Accessory Kit - Predator Gaming Mouse - ksp 04 desk

General Information

Product Name

Predator Accessory Kit

Product Type

Gaming Accessory Kit