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Mission Focus

We provide outstanding products and carefully consider environmental factors in every stage of the product life cycle.

Product Design

We design easily recycled products with sustainable materials to reduce the environmental impact from start to finish.

Our Approach


We design with the end in mind and incorporate the full product lifecycle in our blueprint.

Sustainable Materials

We prioritize the use of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics, ITE recycled plastics, and ocean-bound plastics.

Green Chemistry

We reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances.


Our products pass rigorous tests for strength, durability, and lifespan to ensure quality and longevity.

Made To Upgrade and Repair

We design products that can adapt to changing lifestyles and be repaired easily to prolong their lifespan.

Our Achievements

8.8+ million products made using PCR plastic
Applied PCR plastic in 300+ models in 2020
No surface paint on specific models. Applied low VOC print on product stickers


We work with industry partners to rethink the production process and manage waste and chemicals.

Our Approach

Chemical Management

We manage the use of chemicals in raw materials carefully with product safety standards.

Harmful Chemical Restrictions

We ban or restrict substances harmful to the ozone layer. This list will grow as we work with ODMs to improve standards.

Compliance With Environmental Labeling Standards

We disclose our products’ eco-performance through international environmental labels, such as Energy Star, EPEAT, IEC.

Our Achievements

85% of our major hardware product revenue was compliant with Energy Star 7.0, 7.1, or 8.0
24% of our PCs and monitors comply with EPEAT/TCO and Green Mark environmental labels
95% of our products comply with IEC
45% of our critical suppliers set science-based carbon reduction targets
We’ve shipped 6 million+ units of phthalate-free products


Our operations use clean and renewable energy to keep fossils underground.

Our Approach

Use Renewable Energy at Operating Locations Worldwide

We generate renewable energy in-house and have adopted guaranteed renewable energy sources in countries across the world.

Green Supply Chain

We select partners committed to environmental protection and provide information on the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Our Achievements

60% renewable energy used in our IT products business operations
45% of major suppliers have used some level of green energy
45% of critical suppliers are committed to RE100 or SBTi
We used over 14 million kWh and generated 3 million kWh of green electricity in 2020


Our optimized logistics and transportation increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Our Approach

Simplification Is Key

We reduce the volume and weight of our packaging, which further reduces carbon emissions generated during transport.

Increased Rail Shipping Globally

We use rail shipping (which creates fewer CO2 emissions than other methods) and reduce fuel consumed during transport.

Optimized Space

We increase our container loading rate for better efficiency per shipment.

Efficient Logistics

We optimized land transport with larger containers and used 20- and 40-foot containers for 50% LTL shipping in 2020.

Our Achievements

We have saved approximately 311 tons of carbon emissions so far
Shipping of notebook computers by rail from Chongqing to Europe increased by 128%

Packaging Design

Our packaging uses minimal and environmental-friendly materials with extended usability.

Our Approach


We decreased the size and weight of our product boxes, the scale of packaging, and the use of plastic bags.


We use only recyclable packaging materials, including recycled EPE and molded-pulp packaging.


Our packaging design emphasizes recyclability and prioritizes the use of easily recyclable materials.

Green Ink

All printing on packaging and documents uses environmentally friendly water-based or soy inks.

Our Achievements

Cardboard boxes are made from 90% recycled paper
Molded pulps are made from 100% recycled kraft paper
Posters are made from FSC certified paper
Printed matters are made from 40% recycled paper
Non-woven fabrics are made from 100% recycled PET


Channel and recycling solutions give our products and materials a new purpose at the end of their lives.

Our Approach

Circular Design

We think in terms of a circular economy. Our products last longer and are more easily recycled.

Reuse Resources in Manufacturing

To reduce pollution from heavy metals in batteries and motherboards, we select reliable recyclers and reuse materials.

Clear Measurements

Along with Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR), we support measures promoting recycling around the world.

Engage Consumers

We provide convenient recycling methods for consumers to improve the efficiency of waste recycling.

Our Achievements

50+ metric tons of batteries were recycled and remanufactured into new batteries from 2018-2020
We recycled 4K+ tons of electronics in North America. In Japan, more than 80% of desktop PCs and monitors were recycled