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Acer aiForge is the development tool needed to allow schools and businesses the much needed flexibility in training both simple and complex AI solutions. Simplify and prioritize tasks as you see fit while reducing the amount of time needed to bring your models and solutions into reality.

Selected Tools for ML/DL on aiForge


A web-based interactive development environment for supporting a wide range of workflows in data science, scientific computing, and machine learning.


Provides the visualization and tooling needed for machine learning experimentation.


A web-based application that allows the user to execute shell commands on a server directly from a browser.

AutoML (Coming Soon)

You can automatically train machine learning models with minimal machine learning expertise in a user-friendly environment.

Making AI More Accessible with aiForge

Simplified Training Environment Setup

  • Simplified Training Environment Setup
  • One-Stop Workspace for AI Frameworks and Tools
  • Standardized Development Environment across Platforms
  • Beginner-Friendly Instructions

Better Utilization of AI Development Resources

  • Resource Optimization
  • Supports Single Nodes and Clusters

Facilitates AI Teamwork

Five Steps of AI Development

To lower the entry barrier and maximum resources, aiForge provides a common workplace for all the AI teams.

Flexibility with Architecture

The Environment for AI Developers

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