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Tradition and Inspiration

For more than four centuries, rosary beads have been both a spiritual symbol and a helpful tool for Catholics worldwide. To improve upon this historically significant relic without deviating from its sacred symbolism, we visited churches and talked with priests and sisters to explore and better understand what rosary beads mean to the people who use them.

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For wearers, rosary beads are the symbolic representation of a mind at peace. We hope to achieve this type of holy ambience through not only the symbol itself, but with a combination of its design and the materials we use.

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Where Simplicity Meets Elegance

The concept is simplicity. We use simple lines and curves in lieu of any sophisticated designs. The black agate and hematite beads are combined with a brush finished cross, bridging the traditional with the modern through the contrast of the materials.

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More than a Rosary

The companion app further helps Catholics get more involved in their daily prayer through automatic rosary guidance. Users can pray with the rosary while being guided by specialized audio and visual content.

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In addition to daily prayers, the device is also able to record various health data to better encourage you to lead a better lifestyle.

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Live by Your Faith

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