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Incredible Delta-E Color Accuracy

How We See Color

When light hits an object—let’s say, an apple—it absorbs some of the light and reflects the rest of it. When you look at the apple, the wavelengths of reflected light determine what colors you see. Light waves reflect off the apple, hit the light-sensitive retina at the back of your eye and travel along the optic nerve to the brain’s visual cortex, which processes the information and returns with the colors.

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The Best Color Gamut for Your Creation

A color gamut is a range of colors that a specific display is capable of showing. The sRGB color space [Image 1] is the standard color space typically used in web content, while Adobe RGB [Image 2] and DCI–P3 [Image 3] each have a larger pool of colors used for things such as professional photography, printing or digital cinema.

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What is Delta E?

Delta E is used to ensure the color being displayed closely matches what the human eye receives. It is also the difference between two colors designated as two points in the CIELAB color space. The higher the Delta E value, the lower color accuracy. The color reproduction capabilities of the ConceptD series is further enhanced through complex algorithms, precise white balance, and gamma correction to match colors to their exact hue. Further professional precision is achieved by finely-tuning and calibrating displays for lifelike color reproduction.

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Pantone Validated Presentation

All ConceptD laptop displays and monitors are Pantone Validated. They are able to maintain a truthful Pantone Matching System of colors, promising industry-approved performance for all creative enterprises. What you see on the Pantone Color Systems is what you get on the screen.

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Why Low Delta E Matters to Professionals

Creative professionals often need to have exact color replication. Displays with lower Delta E produce more accurate colors from in/out signals without color distortion, while also ensuring there is no color difference between multiple displays. For professionals who may work on one monitor and review on another, accurate and consistent color reproduction is key.

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Update your device and start seeing just how truly colorful the world can be!