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Report a Vulnerability

Acer is committed to designing products and services that adhere to the highest security standards. In an effort to better protect our customers and their data, we are welcoming any information about potential security vulnerabilities from security researchers, academics, and other members of the security community.

We are ready to work with those who bring such vulnerabilities to our attention and will acknowledge all relevant submissions. Acer will only validate vulnerabilities that are reproducible using the most current software versions available at

Vulnerabilities should be submitted to and should include the following items:

  • Name
  • Country/Region
  • Product or software containing the vulnerability
  • Product serial number (if applicable)
  • A complete description of the vulnerability
  • The steps required to reproduce the vulnerability

Acer may not be able to evaluate submissions that are incomplete or that do not include the information requested above. By submitting a vulnerability, you are agreeing to Acer’s Privacy Policy.

Important: Acer recommends submitters utilize Acer Product Security PGP key to encrypt for emails that contain sensitive information. Please use the public key below to encrypt your vulnerability submission.

Public key: Click here to download

Key ID: A6CCE38A

Fingerprint: 79FE 9FF2 EEA3 7BB2 4790 1792 B351 3BC4 A6CC E38A