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Let Creators Be Creators

A Journey of Discovery

In 2015, we flew around a world to gain a better understanding of people who purchased Acer products. During this, we came face to face with the needs of "creators."

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What Do Creators Value?

Great tools are the key to unhindered creativity. Creators expect laptops to be minimalistic and quiet while keeping that elegant look. They also expect near-silent performance while the PC remains accurate and efficient.

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We also encountered an interesting phenomenon in the gaming segment…
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Built for Creators

Meeting the demands of creators: needed elements.


- Color Accuracy
- High Resolution Screen
- Smooth Video and Animation

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- High Performance Processor
- Optimum Graphics Performance
- High Capacity Hard Drive and Memory

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Built for SILENCE

- Stable Thermal Performance
- Enhanced Thermal Air Flow Design
- Silent Operation

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Built for DESIGN

- Versatile Design
- Clean and Elegant
- Practical and Ergonomic

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We take the users' desire for color accuracy and simplicity of style very seriously. This brand is aesthetically clean and simple. Its products are fine-tuned to stay silent even in high performance.

Harmony in Neutrals

Neutral colors are like canvases - they perfectly complement each and every Creator. They can be boundless and infinite, yet blend in harmoniously with other colors.

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Warm Amber

The glowing, warm amber is derived from the most precious gifts from Earth and Mother Nature. This bright, warm hue is thought to symbolize and promote energy and confidence, inspiring creativity and leading the way to the soul of every Creator.

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In 2019, we launched ConceptD, a brand created for Creators.

A Brand that Invites All Creators to Surpass Themselves

Brand Manifesto

Within every idea, every concept, and every philosophy - lay the seeds of creativity...ready to be awakened.
Designers, engineers, developers, and artists are often trapped within imposed limits by the lack of tools needed to break through.
ConceptD is a fresh approach that overcomes the barriers between people and technology and enables creators to unleash their full potential.
It is not merely about making things different, but about setting new benchmarks and breaking new ground.