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Acer Defines Touch and Type Experience with New Aspire R7
New York (2013-05-03)

At a press event held today in New York, Acer unveiled the Aspire R7, a revolutionary 15.6-inch notebook that will redefine the touch and type computing experience. Featuring a Full HD 1920x1080 touch screen, the Aspire R7 was made for the new computing lifestyle, which increasingly combines touching and typing. With a repositioned keyboard and a revolutionary Ezel™ hinge that moves the display forward and into different positions, the R7 makes the combination of touching the screen and using the keyboard more intuitive and natural. Its ergonomic design allows users to explore and determine their own preferred way to interact with technology.

“With the Aspire R7, Acer has redesigned the notebook with an approach that's based on how people interact with their PCs and devices,” said Michael Birkin, Chief Marketing Officer at Acer. “Its progressive design redefines the computing experience, so whether consumers are touching or typing, the R7 adapts to allow consumers to create, browse and share content in ways they never have before.”

Four-in-One Design Lets Users Have it Their Way
“Acer believes touch will be crucial to the new computing experience,” said Birkin. “There is nothing on the market so powerful and versatile which enables such easy video and picture editing or enjoying a movie on a big display. As a powerful full-featured 15.6-inch notebook, the Aspire R7 enables a unique functionality in a design that makes more sense for a human, touch-enabled world.”

The Acer Aspire R7 lets consumers transform their notebook into the shape that best delivers an immersive content experience based on their usage needs. With four modes of operation, the R7 can easily be used as a traditional notebook, a table top pad, a display, or switched into “Ezel™” mode, allowing the screen to float over the keyboard at various angles. This allows users to work where they want and how they want — seated or standing, at a desk or with it on their lap. The Ezel™ hinge makes it easy to switch the display around, to touch or type while creating, browsing or sharing content. Dual hinge technology allows for single-hand switching between modes and keeps the display rock-steady when touched.

  1. Ezel™ Mode – Reach out and pull the display closer, eliminating the need to reach across the palm rest and keyboard to use the touch screen. Just pull it up and out where it can be positioned in front of the keyboard, or float over it. By pulling the display close, switching between touchscreen, keyboard and touchpad is seamless.
  2. Notebook mode – Slide the display back behind the keyboard, and you have a powerful, full featured notebook computer with a 15.6-inch Full HD(1) 1920x1080 touchscreen display, Intel® Core™ i5 processor, up to 12GB of memory, up to 1TB hard drive(2), or up to 256GB SSD(3) and a full-size backlit keyboard. It also includes a volume control button, HDMI port, SD card reader, audio jacks, three USB ports, WiFi, Bluetooth and a convenient converter port supporting VGA, Ethernet and USB.
  3. Display Mode – Flip the screen over and it’s positioned perfectly for watching a movie, showing photos or giving a presentation. Sharing and collaborating is simple, enjoyable and straightforward. With Acer's proven dual-torque design, the screen flips easily yet remains rigid when touched.
  4. Pad Mode – Simply pull down the touchscreen and lay it on top of the keyboard with the face up, and the Aspire R7 morphs into a pad, without giving up the robust performance of a notebook. The ergonomic 4-degree tilting angle makes it perfect for browsing, writing or drawing and ideal for pure touch interactions like casual gaming and annotating.

Premium Experience
Offering a superior audio visual experience, the R7’s powerful features and high-definition display are complemented by a premium sound system with Dolby Home Theater and four speakers. Because of its transformative design, the audio channels automatically reverse when switching modes, so stereo sound is always perfect.

In addition, Acer also relocated the placement of the dual microphones from the traditional notebook layout to the front and at the base of the notebook below the keyboard. This provides the best sound quality for voice recognition and teleconferencing, and enhances the aesthetics of the touchscreen by eliminating the need for holes in the bezel.

Even the keyboard placement was reconsidered in the new design. Repositioning it closer to the body in front of the chassis makes typing more comfortable and as efficient and as fluid as possible. The keys fall naturally under the fingers, eliminating the need to hold the arms out and over the palm rest and touch pad in order to type.

Red Dot Design Award
The Acer Aspire R7 has already been awarded with the Red Dot, one of the world’s most sought-after quality marks for excellence in product design. The award is presented annually in the international competition by a jury of 37 design experts for the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen of Germany. Design guru Jimmy Choo joined as a member of the jury for the first time in this year’s competition, which received 4,662 entries in 19 categories. The Aspire R7 was selected in the “computers and information technology” category.

Availability and Pricing
The Aspire R7 will start shipping in June. To find out about availability, product specifications and price in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office or retailer via

1HD content required to view HD images.
2For hard drives, TB = 1 trillion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less as some space is reserved for system recovery software.
3For SSD drive, 1 GB = 1 billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less as some space is reserved for system recovery software.
4Estimated street prices. Actual prices may vary.