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The Ultralight Swift 5 Challenge

Watch Acer employees take their jobs to the extreme with the Swift 5 laptop.

Amanda – Acer Indonesia

My boss called me into his office and announced that since I was a real high flyer he had a special assignment for me. Leaping through the skies around the Forbidden City in Beijing wasn’t what I imagined though. But, how was I meant to work when I was hanging by a thread? Watch the video to find out.

Natthawuth – Acer Thailand

It was time to escape the noise of Bangkok and take my work on the road. I needed to climb high and get some fresh air in Krabi. How high did I need to climb? Watch the video to find out.

Tobias – Acer Germany

Little did I know that from the comfort of the warm Acer office in Germany I’d be whisked off to work from the top of Germany’s tallest mountain: the Zugspitze! How well would the Swift 5 cope with the snow, freezing temperatures and altitude? Watch the video to find out.

Betlem – Acer UK

When I was asked if I wanted to escape London in the winter to go to Las Vegas to work I thought I’d been promoted! They didn’t tell me I’d be working on my Swift 5 from the back of a horse! How did I go? Watch the video to find out.

James – Acer UK

You’d think that the British winter weather would be a wet enough trial for any laptop but my colleagues at Acer challenged me to do a day’s work from a Swift 5 whilst floating on the Thames on a kayak. Just how wet did I get? Watch the video to find out.