Get clearer gameplay with NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ as tears become a thing of the past.


Make frame tears and blur a thing of the past with an overclocked refresh rate up to 144Hz1,3 and a response time of 4ms* on an UltraHD monitor.


See the purest details of your surroundings. With the latest DisplayHDR™ 400 color technology colors are more accurate than ever.

Icon 01_3840x2160

3840 x 2160 Ultra HD IPS

Icon 03_4ms

4ms* Response Time

Icon 05_DisplayHDR_400

Certified VESA DisplayHDR™400

Icon 02_144Hz

Overclock to 144Hz1,3 Refresh Rate



Icon 06_VisionCare

Predator VisionCare

* Information based on XB240H_B model of XB0 Series Displays
SCREEN SIZE: 27”; Refresh Rate: 144Hz (overclock); GtG: 4ms
Specifications may vary depending on model and/or region and are subject to availability and change without notice.
1 Actual refresh rates may vary depending on model and/or region, computer specifications/hardware and/or set up.
2 144Hz models can be connected thru displayport 1.4 .
3 This device is designed to support refresh rate overclocking. However, overclocking may result in system instability. If you experience instability, try reducing the overclock to a lower refresh rate through the on-screen display settings.