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Acer Nitro Keyboard

Acer Nitro Keyboard


Model Name: Acer Nitro Keyboard

Part Number: NP.KBD1A.01S

G-Key, Media Player Hot Key(s)

Never Miss a Press

With anti-ghosting for 19 keys, every keypress will register no matter how intense your gameplay gets. Outside the game, those handy F-keys function as media shortcuts for control over volume, playback and more.

Acer Nitro Backpack - Never Miss a Press - ksp 01 desk

Turn On the Lights

Spruce up those keys with backlights. Choose from six levels of brightness and two modes (permanent and breathing) to give those three color zones an appreciated ambience—with just the press of a button.

Acer Nitro Backpack - Turn On the Lights - ksp 02 desk

Play On, Longer

The glossy, UV coated ABS keycaps are wear and fade-resistant—making it so you don’t have to remember where all those old keys used to be. With its long, braided cord the Nitro keyboard blends seamlessly into any gaming setup.

Acer Nitro Backpack -  - ksp 03 desk
Acer Nitro Keyboard  - Lifestyle - desk

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