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Stylus scrolls instead of draws? Acer Spin 7 I7 — Acer Community

I recently bought a rubber tip stylus for my Acer Spin 7 with I7 processor and 8GB of RAM and when I try to use the stylus for marking up pdf documents, the stylus only scrolls and doesn't actually draw or write.

Acer Spin 7 Screen Replacement help — Acer Community

Hello everyone I have a Spin 7 that needs a screen replacement, but I'm pretty sure I have to hear up the screen because it's glued on with adhesive, but before I decide to give it a go I was just wanting some confirmation.

How to tranfer files from laptop to a Spin 7 — Acer Community

How do I transfer files from Toshiba Sattelite to an Acer Spin 7 ?

Help! Acer Spin 7 Won't Turn On or Off — Acer Community

While trying to restart my Acer Spin 7, nothing happened (screen kept showing "restarting").  I pressed the power button and the screen went blank.

Security slot for Spin 7 — Acer Community

I've gone to stores, called Acer support, and looked everywhere online but can't find anything on what kind of security lock will fit on my Acer Spin 7.

Auto-power on when opening the lid (Spin 7 ) — Acer Community

Hi, my previous HP laptop had the option to turn it on when opening the lid. The Spin 7 only has the option to wake the laptop from S3 when opening the lid.

External monitor not working with Acer Spin 7 - (USB C to HDMI to HDMI cable) — Acer Community

I have been using Asus 4k external monitor with my Acer Spin 7 for a long time. One Day when I connected my computer to the monitor, it stopped working. 

ACER Spin 7 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen2 ? — Acer Community

Does anyone know if Acer is releasing the SPIN 7 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen2 processor? It was announced back in September 2020. Still nothing.

Does the Acer spin 7 have windows hello? — Acer Community

Does the Acer spin 7 have Windows Hello?

Spin 7 killed my ethernet — Acer Community

I just bought this Spin 7 notebook with W10 from Costco yesterday.  After I turned it on and connected it to my home wifi, somehow it killed my ethernet.  I had to restart router (TP-Link AC1750) and cable modem (SB5101) to make the network works again but it got killed again.  I reset the notebook a couple of times.  The results were always the same.  The minimum steps I did to kill the network is the following: