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Acer Regards U.S. International Trade Commission Investigation on Patents a Common Dispute in IT Industry - Dealing with issue and expects no significant impact on business
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2012-08-23)

Acer does not expect significant impact on business and operations as the result of the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) investigation on alleged infringement of U.S. patents by numerous companies, including Acer.

Acer is inquiring into the matter, which the company regards as common issue in the IT industry. Acer does not expect the investigation to have significant impact on business and operations.

The three complainants calling on the U.S. ITC to launch investigation are Technology Properties Limited LLC (TPL), Patriot Scientific Corporation (PTSC) and Phoenix Digital Solutions LLC (PDS).

The alleged claim of infringement goes back to as early as 2007, when Acer filed lawsuit against TPL on grounds that TPL’s patents are invalid. Subsequently, TPL counter-filed against Acer on patent infringement and reported the dispute to the U.S. ITC.

Acer fully respects the importance of intellectual properties and will also protect company’s rights. Following an assessment into the matter, Acer does not expect major impact on business and operations.