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Message From Our Chairman & CEO on COVID-19

Dear Customers and Partners,

At Acer, we are mindful of how COVID-19 is causing much concern for many people, businesses, and establishments worldwide. During this time, we want to ensure our customers continue to have access to our services and the products they need to carry on with their work, study, or keep in touch with their loved ones. Business continuity and the health of our customers, employees and partners are our primary concerns.

Acer operations globally have also been working closely with local public health authorities, taking actions in accordance with their advisories. Steps to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees including enhanced sanitation of facilities, opting for online meetings to replace in-person meetings, setting up screenings and implementing visitor guidelines for those coming to our locations around the globe have all been made.

Acer’s executive team is closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments, and determining the measures to help minimize any impact on our operations. The velocity of our actions has been critical and include securing essential component supplies for production, and staying abreast of the recovery rate at our manufacturers’ facilities and their subsequent output levels. The close collaboration between Acer and its partners has always been our competitive advantage during times of high and low volatility.

Through the concerted efforts of our management team, employees, and partners, we are demonstrating the highest resilience to power through this period of somewhat uncertainty. We realize this situation is very dynamic and have contingency plans in place. We remain watchful and ready to adjust the measures in response to changing circumstances.

We are committed to providing the superior service and support that you have come to expect of Acer. In the meantime, let’s keep safe and help others stay safe too during this exceptional period.

Jason Chen
Chairman & CEO