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Great Place to Work Certified

Great Place to Work — Certified

Distinguished by the Great Place to Work® Institute, this certification is a testimony to the values we uphold at our workplace, making sure that every employee contributes to our organizational goals while creating a rich culture that welcomes and integrates everyone into the Acer family.

Corporate Culture

The essence of Acer’s corporate culture:

  • Human nature is essentially good
  • Customer is top priority
  • Put knowledge to work for the company, and
  • Be pragmatic and accountable


Acer’s employment policies and practices are committed to the following:

  • To employ the most suitable candidates based on their knowledge, experience, training, skill, attitude, aptitude and commitment.
  • To give equal opportunity and ensure no discrimination of employees, regardless of sex, race or religion.
  • To encourage skill development through on-the-job training (OJT) and job transfer by rotation within the company.
  • To respect the laws and policies of the country.

Career Opportunities

At Acer, we offer careers and not just jobs. Be part of this dynamic family!

Current Openings

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