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Helios 700

Predator Helios 700 -Large

Hexagonal Vent Design

The Helios 700 provides gamers with better performance, from the hardware straight down to the design. We've experimented with different vent shapes and sizes, and through using block layering and cutting techniques, we preserve the familiar Predator hexagonal design which provides the optimal venting performance powerful machines need to perform at their best.

Engineered Perfection

Because 17” laptops are larger, we added a connecting shaft structure to enable smoother keyboard sliding. As such, when gamers pull the keyboard down from the top-right corner, the force is more evenly distributed on the keyboard allowing for a smoother slide. While the sliding keyboard is extended, the gradient glass panel is revealed along with the laptop’s air intake and internal structure. The hexagonal light pattern lets gamers know that the real power of their Helios 700 has been unleashed!

Absolute Comfort

We’ve modified the Helios 700 such that it tilts an additional 2 degrees forward, allowing for a more comfortable user experience. Together with the sliding keyboard, the wrist rest forms a 13-degree supporting angle to give gamers an even greater gaming experience on their Helios 700.

Revolutionary Air Intake Design

The ever-evolving intake design keeps up with different structural and intake requirements through the use of hexagonal elements and bold partitioning to present a visually balanced design once the keyboard is slid open.

Accuracy for Legendary Wins

Whether you're on the racetrack or in the battlefield, one small mistake could make or break the game. So gamers need finer control, not just simplistic stop or move choices. And that’s why we designed MagForce Keys, a new key switch integrated with software tuning to give gamers even finer control within games!

Acer Design - Helios 700 - KSP 5 Large
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Predator Helios 700 -Large