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Trend Insights

The development of trends has never stopped. We seek inspiration from stories, through the use of multiple workshops, and intense brainstorming, to grasp the four key points of: technology, environment, crafts and society. Thus Acer is able to accurately ascertain the major trends of 2019.

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Color Definitions

Color is the first impression that links products to users, and it influences the visual appearance through-out the color characteristics and back-story. By constructing a large database of colors, Acer products with a wide range of colors.

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Materials & Finishes

Through the philosophy of sustainable development and innovation, Acer cooperates with vendors to develop responsible materials. We will carve out roles as stewards of the planet, and as caretakers of resources.

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The Development of Trends

The development of trends is traceable. By tracking the four topics of technology, environment, crafts and society, Acer explores these interlocking, complex, and evolving themes.

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4 Major Design Trends of 2019

Below is a visual representation of the four color trends of 2019.

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Perceptive Healing

Creativity is driven by a desire to reconnect with things that touch us emotionally and physically. Designs embrace imperfections or focus on eliciting feelings, opening up new dialog about how the outfitting of products can calm and soothe, or stimulate and energize the mind.

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Blending the moonlight, “WHITE” not only keeps the distinction of purity, warm and eternity but provides the sensuous character of aestheticism.

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Blue, from its purest icy hues, to its darker intensity invokes strong emotions through all seasons. The softer shades are versatile enough to work across sporty, casual and reworked retro stories, to provide a sense of cleanliness and weightlessness.

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Millennial Pink is popular for both men and women, although slightly deeper in application, working as a trans seasonal palette. Pale shades are worn in delight imbuing designs with a fresh and overtly neutral feel. Deep tones create a sporty vibe for a more contemporary silhouette.

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Extraordinary Nature

Artists and digital developers create a mysterious zone of mutating landscapes and transmogrifying creatures, which open up a mixed reality of experiences to enrich the interactions between humans and the environment. Products that appear to be grown from nature spark intrigue and have an element of fantasy about them. Surfaces and materials will become more sensorial and imaginative, and nature will be celebrated, forging a rise in resourceful, cruelty-free products.

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Black signifies a premium value and we further enhance it by giving it a wider embrace of dark, berry-tinted palettes. It's a story that suggests a return to gritty glamour. It embraces the romance and mystery of nature, combined with an element of twisted, slightly dark fantasy.

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Showcase Your Style with Color Trends

These four trending colors have been used on the Swift series. The luxurious Swift 7 is available in Moonstone White and Starfield Black, while the powerful Swift 3 comes in Glacier Blue and Millennial Pink.

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