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Our mission at Acer BYOC is to utilize our BeingWare and help any and all types of business deliver their unique services by providing them with intelligent, connected devices.


Build Your Own Cloud

is Secure, Managed, Scalable and supports Hybrid Cloud Service

Acer BYOC is built upon the backbone of experience. Beginning with the establishment of the e-Enabling Data Center in 2001. BYOC simplifies life and business by providing next level cloud services while at the same time fostering future technologies such as AI, Big Data, and more.


Worldwide, 24/7 security.


Control, view, or analyze any and all of your devices from a central, back-end dashboard.


Hardware and Software designed for businesses of any size.


Hybrid cloud architecture support, allowing you to use the cloud however you like.

What We Offer

Your Own Way of Doing Business



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Acer UC

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Acer VCon

aBeing Wellness

Wellness Hub

Where Technology Meets Healthcare

Wellness Hub seeks to enhance the telemed experience through providing smart, cloud-based remote care services. Through the use of Bluetooth devices, physiological data can be easily and passively collected and monitored remotely by designated caretakers, allowing them to then offer next level service and care.

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Our Partner Companies

Acer Gerontech Inc.

Acer Gerontech Inc.

Live Grand

Technology should be simple and easy to use, and Acer Gerontech Inc. strives to make it so that everyone can fully enjoy the best of what new technology has to offer. With specially customized Artemis tablets, Acer Gerontech Inc.’s GrandPad gives seniors the ability to reconnect with and better socialize with their families through combination of specialized software and reliable hardware.

Acer Being Signage

Total solution that revolutionizes retail

Acer Being Signage is a digital signage and advertisement solution that can help businesses effectively understand and target the right audience. The solution offers businesses a total solution by integrating hardware (digital displays), software (picture manager media player), and services (advertising and management).

Acer Being Signage