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Stories Beyond the Grid

Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to start your engines again! Season 2 of Stories Beyond the Grid shows you what is really going on in Formula 1 and how Acer provides Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN with the best solutions they need.

2022 Season Full Episodes

Episode 4

King of the Castle

Beat Zehnder – Sporting Director

This episode provides a closer look at the hospitality area and the logistic behind it. With the Acer Enduro devices, Beat and his team can easily manage this ballet of people and infrastructure.

Episode 3

Everybody In Good Shape

Josef Leberer – Team Physiotherapist

Physical preparation is supported and tracked by Josef, Team Physiotherapist, with great help of technology. The new Swift 5 is the ideal support to organize and visualize all the parameters.

Episode 2

Le Boss

Frédéric Vasseur – CEO & Team Principal

Constant connection is crucial to all teams at the racetrack. This requires a high-performance laptop which still gives the freedom to travel a lot. The Swift X redefines mobile computing.

Episode 1

Keep it Rollin'

Andrea Benisi – Performance Engineer

A whole team of tire specialists calculates and analyzes the data from the C42, the racetrack and the drivers to decide which type of tires are the best option. The Acer Enduro N3 ensures proper support all along the process.



Alfa Romeo F1 team ORLEN & Acer

New car, new drivers, more races and more power! With Stories Beyond the Grid Season 2 we bring you closer than ever to Formula 1 and how Acer solutions are key for the team success both on and off the track.

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2021 Season Full Episodes