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15.6-Inch Narrow Border Display | 14-Inch Footprint | <1kg


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Minimalist Design

To give the Swift 5 a contemporary look, our designers only kept the essential structural lines, eliminating all redundant areas to present a refined, minimalist visual effect.

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Unbelievably Light and Durable Materials

Compared to Al, MgAl is 20% lighter and MgLi 35% lighter at the same thickness. In addition, MgAl is two times stronger and MgLi is four times stronger at the same thickness, giving the machine solid rigidity in a feather-light body design.

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Magnesium Alloy Forming & Testing Process

• Step 1—Magnesium has an extremely low density, making it the lightest raw material in the world. We believe as the main material of the Swift 5, it would have a huge benefit to our users in terms of portability. • Step 2—However, during the manufacturing process, it loses its strength and is susceptible to corrosion. These are the main challenges our engineers faced. • Step 3—Our solution was to develop alloys in combination with aluminum or lithium. • Step 4—We simulated various possible situations to learn more about the alloys and keep potential fractures at bay. • Step 5—Multiple tests were carried out to ensure they alloys have great resistance to corrosion and bending.

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Solid, Elegant Ceramic Finish via MAO (Micro-Arc Oxidation)

The MAO technique generates a solid ceramic layer on the metal surfaces, combining hardness, strength, and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. *Micro-Arc Oxidation (MAO) Process: A controlled high-voltage bipolar electrical current is applied to the component while it is immersed in an alkaline electrolytic bath. The current forms micro-arc plasma discharges on the surface. These reach extremely high temperatures and convert the surface into an ultra-hard crystalline ceramic structure with a unique tactile feel. *Swift 5 surface finish process: 1. Prepare a magnesium alloy cover 2. Apply MAO technique 3. A ceramic-like finish is created 4. The surface is painted

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15.6-Inch Visibility, 14-Inch Portability

The 15.6-inch display’s narrow border gives it an incredibly high screen-to-body ratio* and delivers a remarkable viewing experience. Hundreds of interior components are expertly located to give the Swift 5 a 14-inch footprint with advanced portability. Moreover, we placed the camera on the top bezel to provide a great viewing angle.

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