Predator RGB Mousepad


Predator RGB Mousepad PMP810

Predator RGB Mousepad PMP810

Predator RGB Mousepad

Model Name: Predator RGB Mousepad PMP810

Part Number: NP.MSP11.008

Lights flash. The pace quickens to an adrenaline fever as patterns shift in colors of your own making. With a click, the colors dull to an ambient hue. Victory is yours. Relish in it…and the RGB as well.


The dangerously comfortable micro-textured surface grants you the power to smite as you see fit. And if things get a little dicey, the non-slip rubber base will make sure the action stays where it belongs.

Predator RGB Mousepad   - PRECISION IS EVERYTHING - ksp 02 desk

Responsive Precision

The dangerously comfortable, highly textured surface grants you the power to smite as you see fit.

Gaming Mousepad - Responsive Precision - ksp 01 desk

Non-Slip Rubber Base

Give no ground. Try as you may, the pad refuses to budge with its 3mm non-slip natural rubber backing.

Gaming Mousepad - Non-Slip Rubber Base - ksp 02 desk


We know. Spills happen. And while everything around your pad might feel the effects, its polypropylene surface (water and dirt resistant) won’t. Just keep the braided cording and gold-plated USB in good order.

Predator RGB Mousepad   - KEEP IT CLEAN - ksp 03 desk

Undeniable Comfort

Micro-textured finish made from a near friction-less surface compels consistent mouse movement.

Gaming Mousepad - Undeniable Comfort - ksp 03 desk


The two buttons along the upper edge of the pad aren’t just for looks. Use them to switch between lighting patterns (there are six) or adjust brightness levels (there are four).

Predator RGB Mousepad   - KNOW THE PATTERNS - ksp 04 desk

Heat-Bound Edging

You’ll live a fray-less existence thanks to the rubber base with heat-bound edging.

Gaming Mousepad - Heat-Bound Edging - ksp 04 desk


Tailor the colors, the light effects and brightness to your own liking with PredatorQuarterMaster. With 16.8 million color combinations to play with, the choices are pretty much endless.

Predator RGB Mousepad - LIGHT IT UP—YOUR WAY - ksp 01 desk

Just the Right Size

Sometimes, a big swipe is necessary to nail that shot. At 355x255mm, you have all the space you need.

Gaming Mousepad - Just the Right Size - ksp 05 desk

Resistance isn’t Futile

Oil, water and heat resistances keep your mousepad safe from the horrors of spills at temps under 180°C

Gaming Mousepad - Resistance isn’t Futile - ksp 06 desk

Product Information

Printed Design/Pattern/Texture


Physical Characteristics

Weight (Approximate)

445 g


17 mm


355 mm


256 mm


Polypropylene - Surface
Silicone - Base


Additional Information

  • Chipset Solution M32
  • Cable Length Ø4.5, 1800mm
  • Connector Type USB 2.0 Type A
  • USB Specification USB 3.0 / 2.0 / 1.1 / 1.0 Compliant
  • Compatibility Windows® 7 x64/x32, Windows® 8 x64/x32, Windows® 8.1 x64/x32, Windows® 10 x64

General Information

Product Name

Predator RGB Mousepad

Product Type

Mouse Pad