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The LiquidLoop™ fanless cooling system uses the evaporation and condensation of liquid to dissipate heat and offers unparalleled improvements in noise and dust reduction.

Thermal - LiquidLoop - Large

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AeroBlade™ Fan

With the world’s thinnest (just 0.1mm) metal fins, the ultrathin AeroBlade™ Fan offers advanced aerodynamics and superior airflow to keep your system cooler, cleaner and quieter.

Thermal - AeroBlade Fan - Large


DustDefender uses stronger, lighter fans at extreme speed to propel dust and heat away from the device in alternating directions.

Thermal - DustDefender - Large


IceTunnel cooling system for Predator has multiple air intake zones on the front and left side of the machine to create a powerful airflow that efficiently pushes out hot internal air.

Thermal - IceTunnel - Large