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Aspire R 13

Always Adapt to You

Aspire R13 - Large

Design for Experience

It is designed to offer the best multitasking experience ever. Having the touchscreen within easy reach makes switching between touch controls and typing that much easier.

Aspire R13 - Design for Experience - Large

Innovative Construction

Acer’s proprietary Ezel Aero Hinge allows for steady yet effortless mode transitioning.

Aspire R13 - Innovative Construction - Large

Impressive Flexibility

The Acer Aspire R 13 brings the convertible laptop to the next level. It boasts a superbly constructed design that brings the touchscreen within easy reach, whichever way you use it.

Aspire R13 - Impressive Flexibility - Large

Graceful Transitions,
Infinitely Adaptive

Aspire R13 - Graceful Transitions - Large

Button - Large