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Laptop vs Chromebook: How to Buy Your Next PC

When it comes time to decide on buying a new computer, you’ll more than likely conclude that if you want to be mobile with your PC, you’ll need to decide whether you want a laptop or a Chromebook.  Choosing between a Chromebook or laptop is no small task.

Powerful Acer Budget Laptops to Up Your PC Game

As the laptop market continues to expand with new products hitting store shelves each year, one thing becomes clear:

5 Best USB Headsets to Improve Your PC Audio Experience

Although wireless gaming headsets come with their own advantages, there is something about the reliability and convenience of conventional UBS headsets that ensures a great audio experience every time.

How to Set Parental Controls on Any Phone or Tablet (2022)

Your kids love to play on electronic devices. They are constantly connected, and any information they want is available at the touch of their fingers.

How to Get Started with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming on the PC

Although there is fierce competition between streaming services for video games for both consoles and PCs, one of the most affordable and impressive is undoubtedly Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming.

How to Buy a Budget Laptop That Packs a Punch

With the laptop market continuing to churn out high-quality devices, it’s easy to find a computer that has all the features and design components you want.

Desktop Buying Guide: How to Buy Your Next Desktop PC

The desktop PC has been the stalwart of the computer industry for decades.

How Your PC Can Help You Improve Your Vacation

When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to think about is all the tech you need to lug along with you.