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Can someone help me identify this Acer Chromebook for me please? — Acer Community

I want to buy an acer Chromebook r11 but the site I am trying to buy it from lists it as  N15Q10 is this a Chromebook r11 that converts into a tablet and has a touch screen?

Acer Launches High-Performance, Durable 12-Inch Chromebook Designed Specifically for Education — Acer Community

Editor’s Summary * Powered by up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors[1], it’s an ideal platform for intense classes such as coding and video/photo editing * Sturdy and safe for students:

Why my acer chromebook not allow to turn on the bluetooth? — Acer Community

The troubleshoot problem!

The Verge calls the Chromebook Spin 713 "the best Chromebook of 2020 so far" — Acer Community

Read @TheVerge recently reviewed the Chromebook Spin 713, calling it "the Chromebook to buy.", praising its 3:2 display and build quality among other features.  Specifically designed with the needs of business users in mind, this Chromebook comes with a bevy of functional features including Wi-Fi 6, Corning® Gorilla® Glass touchscreen and touchpad, a backlit keyboard, a built-in HDMI port, as well as dual USB Type-C ports to deal with everyday challenges[1].

Will a bezel for EAZHQ002010 Acer Chromebook fit a chromebook CB3-111-c4GD NXMQNAA00? — Acer Community

The plastic over my webcom lense is scratched, will a bezel for EAZHQ002010 Acer Chromebook fit a chromebook CB3-111-c4GD NXMQNAA00?

CB3-131-C3KD (Acer 11 Chromebook) WiFi Problem — Acer Community

I’ve had this issue with my Chromebook for a while now, it’s an off and on problem.

Android apps - Acer Chromebook 11 - CB3-131. — Acer Community

Hello,  My name Ocky. 2 weeks ago,I buy Acer Chromebook 11 series CB3-131. But im so confuse, This Chromebook  already support android apps?

How to Copy and Paste on My Acer Chromebook - Acer Community

How can I cut and paste on my Acer Chromebook? Learning to copy and paste can save you time, reduce keystrokes and help you improve your efficiency when using your Chromebook. In general, you can use the Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V commands to copy and paste on your Chromebook, but there are other ways to copy and paste…

CB5-132T-C32M) Chromebook R11 - Tablet/Pad mode keyboard issues — Acer Community

I purchansed the Chromebook R11 (CB5-132T-C32M) and it has been great so far.

Bluetooth chromebook Spin 311 — Acer Community

Yesterday bought a chromebook Spin 311. Bluetooth doesn't work good. He says connected but the audio still plays on chromebook.