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What are the ranges of frequencies of RAM supported by TravelMate P259-G2-MG? — Acer Community

Specs - (Intel i5-7200U CPU + 500 GB Nvme SSD) and Currently, I have 8GB DDR4 2400 Mhz(Single Channel), and I want to add one single 1x8GB RAM to another slot.

Acer TravelMate P645-S free slot for SSD? — Acer Community

Hi guys, I have an Acer TravelMate P645-S-54WD with an HDD drive (core i5 5200).

Acer travelmate death screen error (travelmate p255-M) — Acer Community

i have acer travelmate p255-M and due to a error in bios the laptop is not opening.There is only a blue led light and one another light which blinks 2 times on…

How do I actually disable the keyboard backlight timeout? Acer TravelMate P614-51T - Page 2 — Acer Community

Can you submit a photo of the INFORMATION tab in the bios?

Travelmate: hinge/cover refurbishment possible? Cost? — Acer Community

I own an Acer Travelmate whose hinges have been destroyed.  This is not the laptop's "fault" -- I have found it to be very sturdy, but it has taken more abuse than any laptop should have to deal with.

TravelMate P446-M. Can I install SSD in my acer travelmate laptop? — Acer Community

My model no. is Acer TravelMate P446-M. Doest it have m.2 slot or I need to replace SSD with HDD?  Thread was edited to add model name to the title

Acer Unveils Tough New TravelMate Spin B3 Laptop for Classrooms — Acer Community

Editor’s Summary * Acer launches a tough MIL-STD 810H-compliant[1], [2] laptop for the classroom that is certified to meet ASTM toy safety standards * The ultra-durable design features a spill-resistant keyboard with mechanically anchored keys and a moisture-resistant touchpad * The Acer TravelMate Spin B3 laptop is powered by up to the latest Intel® Pentium® Silver processors[3] to smoothly handle whatever comes up in class, plus 12 hours of battery[4] life to get students through the school day TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Acer announced the new TravelMate Spin B3 (TMB311R-32) convertible laptop with military-grade durability[1], [2], a device specially designed for classrooms.

Acer Support gives ridiculous answers to TravelMate P2 questions + will not let me speak to a human — Acer Community

About a couple of months ago I purchased a new TravelMate P2 which came loaded with Windows 10 Pro.

Travelmate Spin B3 TMB311R-31 | Laptops | NX.VN8EK.007 | Acer Professional Solutions - NX.VN8EK.007 Travelmate Spin B3 TMB311R-31 | Laptops | NX.VN8EK.007 | Acer Professional Solutions - NX.VN8EK.007

Take advantage of more interactive learning activities with the TravelMate Spin B3’s high performing, ultra-durable design. Featuring a long battery life, mechanically anchored keys, and a bevy of optional features such as a 5 Megapixel HDR world-facing camera, an antimicrobial finish, 4G LTE connectivity, a Full HD webcam, and a dockable Wacom AES pen, the TravelMate Spin B3 is fully customizable to empower students to get even more out of their classes, be they remote or in person.

Acer TravelMate P215 - DVD and HDD drives — Acer Community

Please tell me if I can fit an old Lenovo DVD Drive (from a laptop) and Lenovo HDD Drive (from a Desktop) into my Acer TravelMate P215. Thanks