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Acer S275HL display - Unique design and advanced Eco-friendly features
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

Acer enriches its display range introducing the new S275HL LED monitor, the epitome of sophisticated design and top-notch performance endowed with cutting-edge technologies. Each detail of the Acer S275HL LED monitor, from the asymmetrical stand and the Zero Frame outline to the ultra-slim profile, combine to create an appealing minimalistic and modern look that will fit perfectly in any modern home.
The Acer S275HL LED monitor flaunts an ultra-slim profile with a depth of less than one inch, and use a combination of materials to create a layered effect, for an even slimmer visual impression. The Zero Frame design and the stand with silver lining provide another touch of style, while the ice-blue LED buttons embedded in the stand offer a contemporary feel.
In the Acer S275HL LED display the slim and space-saving design goes hand in hand with enhanced ergonomics. All of the I/O ports are conveniently located on the base, where not only they are easier to reach but keep the design even simpler and cleaner.
Its slender profile is achieved by LED technology that brings with it Full HD resolution via a superior IPS panel, an extremely high contrast ratio, and a rapid 2 ms response time. Behind the tastefully stylish design that will appease even the most sophisticated taste looms a green heart, making this monitor ideal for environmentally conscious users. The use of white LED technology makes the Acer S275HL LED monitor energy efficient for up to 68% eco-friendly power conservation.
Perfect for multimedia enthusiasts, the Acer S275HL LED monitor comes with a 69 cm (27-inch) panel with Full HD 1920x1080 resolution and a contrast ratio up to 100 million:1, enabling jaw-dropping cinematic views of the latest high definition content and it makes the most of advanced Full HD gaming, multimedia and productivity applications. Two integrated HDMI ports provides advanced digital connectivity enabling outstanding high-definition viewing and best quality uncompressed video currently available from the latest digital sources.
The Acer S275HL LED monitor is a true blend of aesthetic appeal, premium performance, and earth-friendly functionality.