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Acer and Intel present the U-Experience - An 'ultra' tour across 4 European Countries to challenge you put the Ultrabook™ to test
Manno (2012-06-26)

Designed for modern explorers, Acer Ultrabooks™ based on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors incorporate all the features that help users to stay mobile: slim and light, responsive and connected.

Acer and Intel have built up their U-Experience campaign around these four attributes. The U-Experience is a unique, exciting tour across Europe, where 4 U-Teams will be asked to overcome a series of challenges by leveraging technology in new and creative ways.

From June 18th to July 10th - in Italy, France, Germany and UK - the U-Teams will explore their hidden passions, based on experiences that will be shared with both the Acer and Intel Facebook Communities:  
Acer and Intel Facebook fans suggesting their 'ultra' experience will immediately participate to an online contest and be drawn for an Acer Ultrabook™, while their recommendations will be voted by fans as well, opening the way to the final € 5.000,00 (five thousand) prize.

Members of the Acer and Intel Facebook Communities could easily become U-Ambassadors themselves and gain an active role in the U-Experience adventure, equipped with their own Acer Ultrabook™ device.
Participating in the U-Experience and supporting the U-Teams, Facebook members will earn points that will help them to rise the ranking; the 10 most scored fans will be eligible to be official U-Ambassadors, while will participate the final drawn too.

To be a U-Ambassador means to share, interact, invite, join, comment, but also to be curious, progressive and perceptive.
With the right tool, everyone has the potential to be a modern explorer. The Ultrabook™ is the device that Acer and Intel have chosen for this challenge: with its Intel® Core™ i5 processor, extreme mobility, ultra-slim design, performance without compromise and instant connectivity. The Ultrabook™ represents a new category of devices, created by Intel after years of study and research into users’ needs and requirements. It delivers the most complete and satisfying, no-compromise and more secure computing experience in one, sleek and portable device.

The English U-Team is ready for the adventure: the blogger Matilda, who will relate all the experiences as a travelogue; the designer Olivia, who will give an aesthetic touch to every leg of the journey and the PR expert Paul, a fearless man who will find new and interesting places to explore.

As a first u-experience, Acer’s U-Team asked British Astronaut Tim Peake’s views on discovery and technology. Tim talked to the team and other visitors to the Space Centre. It wasn’t from his normal workplace, but from beneath the ocean’s surface – where he’s currently 3.5 miles off the coast of Key Largo.

The U-Team is travelling throughout the UK this summer seeking out interesting people, like Tim Peake. The U-Team will be blogging to their social media channels about Tim and the people they meet at the National Space Centre and other venues.

“Acer is launching a cutting edge range of products with the theme Explore beyond Limits, so the National Space Centre has been a perfect venue for the team to start using these new Ultrabooks,” says Linda Hassall, marketing director at Acer UK.  “The Aspire Ultrabooks have premium styling with cutting-edge processors and innovative, energy-saving technology, delivering the ultimate in high-performance.”