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Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 Upgrade

Acer will provide driver support for the following products that qualify for the Windows upgrade:

  • Your system may require additional software, firmware, and/or a BIOS update to install and run Windows 10. Please note not all Windows 10 features may be available on all Windows 8.1 PCs. See the following qualifying Acer models. Systems not specified won’t be supported for an upgrade to Windows 10 in line with Microsoft’s regulations.
  • For the following supported models, you will be guided through the upgrade process. You can also follow the step-by-step instructions to manually upgrade your device to Windows 10.
Aspire Series
Aspire E1-410
Aspire E1-410G
Aspire E1-410P
Aspire E1-410PG
Aspire E1-422
Aspire E1-422G
Aspire E1-430
Aspire E1-430G
Aspire E1-430P
Aspire E1-430PG
Aspire E1-432
Aspire E1-432G
Aspire E1-432P
Aspire E1-470
Aspire E1-470G
Aspire E1-470P
Aspire E1-470PG
Aspire E1-472
Aspire E1-472G
Aspire E1-472P
Aspire E1-472PG
Aspire E1-510
Aspire E1-510P
Aspire E1-522
Aspire E1-530
Aspire E1-530G
Aspire E1-532
Aspire E1-532G
Aspire E1-532P
Aspire E1-532PG
Aspire E1-570
Aspire E1-570G
Aspire E1-572
Aspire E1-572G
Aspire E1-572P
Aspire E1-572PG
Aspire E1-731
Aspire E1-731G
Aspire E1-732
Aspire E1-732G
Aspire E1-771
Aspire E1-771G
Aspire E1-772
Aspire E1-772G
Aspire E3-111
Aspire E3-112
Aspire E3-112M
Aspire E5-411
Aspire E5-411G
Aspire E5-421
Aspire E5-421G
Aspire E5-422
Aspire E5-422G
Aspire E5-431
Aspire E5-432
Aspire E5-432G
Aspire E5-452
Aspire E5-452G
Aspire E5-471
Aspire E5-471G
Aspire E5-471P
Aspire E5-471PG
Aspire E5-472
Aspire E5-472G
Aspire E5-473
Aspire E5-473G
Aspire E5-473T
Aspire E5-473TG
Aspire E5-511
Aspire E5-511G
Aspire E5-511P
Aspire E5-521
Aspire E5-521G
Aspire E5-521P
Aspire E5-521PG
Aspire E5-522
Aspire E5-522G
Aspire E5-522TG
Aspire E5-531
Aspire E5-531G
Aspire E5-531P
Aspire E5-531PG
Aspire E5-532
Aspire E5-532G
Aspire E5-532T
Aspire E5-532TG
Aspire E5-551
Aspire E5-551G
Aspire E5-551P
Aspire E5-551PG
Aspire E5-552
Aspire E5-552G
Aspire E5-552TG
Aspire E5-571
Aspire E5-571G
Aspire E5-571P
Aspire E5-571PG
Aspire E5-572
Aspire E5-572G
Aspire E5-573
Aspire E5-573G
Aspire E5-573T
Aspire E5-573TG
Aspire E5-721
Aspire E5-722
Aspire E5-722G
Aspire E5-731
Aspire E5-731G
Aspire E5-752
Aspire E5-752G
Aspire E5-771
Aspire E5-771G
Aspire E5-772
Aspire E5-772G
Aspire EC-470
Aspire EC-470G
Aspire EK-471G
Aspire EK-571
Aspire EK-571G
Aspire ES1-111
Aspire ES1-111M
Aspire ES1-131
Aspire ES1-311
Aspire ES1-331
Aspire ES1-411
Aspire ES1-420
Aspire ES1-421
Aspire ES1-422
Aspire ES1-431
Aspire ES1-511
Aspire ES1-512
Aspire ES1-520
Aspire ES1-521
Aspire ES1-522
Aspire ES1-531
Aspire ES1-711
Aspire ES1-711G
Aspire ES1-731
Aspire ES1-731G
Aspire M5-582PT
Aspire M5-583P
Aspire P3-131
Aspire P3-171
Aspire R3-131T*
Aspire R3-431T
Aspire R3-471T
Aspire R3-471TG
Aspire R7-371T
Aspire R7-571
Aspire R7-571G
Aspire R7-572
Aspire R7-572G
Aspire S3-392
Aspire S3-392G
Aspire S7-392
Aspire S7-393
Aspire V3-111P
Aspire V3-112P
Aspire V3-331
Aspire V3-371
Aspire V3-472
Aspire V3-472G
Aspire V3-472P
Aspire V3-472PG
Aspire V3-532
Aspire V3-532G
Aspire V3-532P
Aspire V3-572
Aspire V3-572G
Aspire V3-572P
Aspire V3-572PG
Aspire V3-574
Aspire V3-574G
Aspire V3-574T
Aspire V3-574TG
Aspire V3-772
Aspire V3-772G
Aspire V5-122P
Aspire V5-123
Aspire V5-132
Aspire V5-132P
Aspire V5-452
Aspire V5-452G
Aspire V5-452P
Aspire V5-452PG
Aspire V5-472
Aspire V5-472G
Aspire V5-472P
Aspire V5-472PG
Aspire V5-473
Aspire V5-473G
Aspire V5-473P
Aspire V5-473PG
Aspire V5-552
Aspire V5-552G
Aspire V5-552P
Aspire V5-552PG
Aspire V5-561
Aspire V5-561G
Aspire V5-561P
Aspire V5-561PG
Aspire V5-572
Aspire V5-572G
Aspire V5-572P
Aspire V5-572PG
Aspire V5-573
Aspire V5-573G
Aspire V5-573P
Aspire V5-573PG
Aspire V7-481
Aspire V7-481G
Aspire V7-481P
Aspire V7-481PG
Aspire V7-482P
Aspire V7-482PG
Aspire V7-581
Aspire V7-581G
Aspire V7-581P
Aspire V7-581PG
Aspire V7-582P
Aspire V7-582PG
Aspire VN7-571
Aspire VN7-571G
Aspire VN7-591G
Aspire VN7-791
Aspire VN7-791G
Acer One Series
Extensa Series
Extensa 2408
Extensa 2508
Extensa 2509
Extensa 2510
Extensa 2510G
Extensa 2511
Extensa 2511G
Extensa 2519
TravelMate Series
Travelmate B115-M
Travelmate B115-MP
Travelmate B116-M
Travelmate B116-MP
Travelmate P236-M
Travelmate P245-M
Travelmate P245-MG
Travelmate P245-MP
Travelmate P245-MPG
Travelmate P246-M
Travelmate P246-MG
Travelmate P246M-M
Travelmate P246M-MG
Travelmate P255-M
Travelmate P255-MG
Travelmate P255-MP
Travelmate P255-MPG
Travelmate P256-M
Travelmate P256-MG
Travelmate P257-M
Travelmate P257-MG
Travelmate P276-M
Travelmate P276-MG
Travelmate P277-M
Travelmate P277-MG
Travelmate P446-M
Travelmate P446-MG
Travelmate P455-M
Travelmate P455-MG
Travelmate P645-M
Travelmate P645-MG
Travelmate P645-S
Travelmate P645-SG
Travelmate P645-V
Travelmate P645-VG
Travelmate X313-E
Travelmate X313-M
Iconia Series
Iconia W1-810
Iconia W1-811
Iconia W4-820
Iconia W4-820P
Iconia W4-821
Iconia W4-821P
Iconia W4-822
Iconia W701
Iconia W701P
Aspire Series
Aspire Series
Aspire T3-100
Aspire TC-100
Aspire TC-105
Aspire TC-115
Aspire TC-120
Aspire TC-215
Aspire TC-220
Aspire TC-600
Aspire TC-601
Aspire TC-602
Aspire TC-605
Aspire TC-606
Aspire TC-651
Aspire TC-701
Aspire TC-703
Aspire TC-704
Aspire TC-705
Aspire TC-752
Aspire U5-620
Aspire XC-105
Aspire XC-115
Aspire XC-215
Aspire XC-600
Aspire XC-603
Aspire XC-605
Aspire XC-703
Aspire XC-704
Aspire XC-705
Aspire Z1-601
Aspire Z1-611
Aspire Z1620
Aspire Z1-621
Aspire Z3-115
Aspire Z3-600
Aspire Z3-601
Aspire Z3-605
Aspire Z3-610
Aspire Z3-613
Aspire Z3-615
Aspire Z3620
Aspire Z3-710
Aspire Z3-711
Aspire ZC-102
Aspire ZC-106
Aspire ZC-107
Aspire ZC-602
Aspire ZC-605
Aspire ZC-606
Aspire ZC-610
Aspire ZC-700
Extensa Series
Extensa M2610
Predator Series
Predator G3-605
Revo One Series
Aspire RL80
Revo One RL85
Veriton Series
Veriton L4620G
Veriton L4630
Veriton L4630G
Veriton L6630
Veriton L6630G
Veriton M2120
Veriton M2120G
Veriton M2630
Veriton M2630G
Veriton M2631
Veriton M2631G
Veriton M2632
Veriton M2632G
Veriton M4630
Veriton M4630G
Veriton M6630
Veriton M6630G
Veriton N2120G
Veriton N2620G
Veriton N4620G
Veriton N4630G
Veriton N6630G
Veriton S4630
Veriton S4630G
Veriton S6630
Veriton S6630G
Veriton X2120
Veriton X2120G
Veriton X2630
Veriton X2630G
Veriton X2631
Veriton X2631G
Veriton X2632
Veriton X2632G
Veriton X4110G
Veriton X4620
Veriton X4620G
Veriton X4630
Veriton X4630G
Veriton X6630
Veriton X6630G
Veriton Z2640G
Veriton Z2660
Veriton Z2660G
Veriton Z4710G
Veriton Z4810G

* Please make sure to upgrade the BIOS before upgrade to Windows 10