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COVID-19 update

Dear customers,
given the current serious and uncertain situation due to the COVID-19 pandemia we’d like to inform you that OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REMAINS ACTIVE.

With the temporary closure of a wide range of commercial premises, please be reminded that you can contact us directly regarding any problems with your Acer device.

At Acer we are taking all the necessary measures to cope with the situation, giving the highest priority to health and safety to protect our staff, our customers, and anyone who interacts with our network. The well-being of our employees and customers is our priority, therefore, we follow the guidelines of the local authorities, the ECDC and the WHO thus taking responsibility to implement preventive actions to minimise the risk of further infections (ie distancing of workplaces, shift work, working@home where possible, quarantine of incoming shipments, cleaning of products after repair,… ). Whilst these additional measures will have an impact on our traditionally excellent Service performance we trust our actions will find your understanding.